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Your Ring Vows, what are they?

Vows are precious words from the heart of one person to the heart of another. Ring vows relate to your mrriage or commitment rings. No matter how simple or how complex your ring vows are they should reflect you, the things that are important to you, your values, your hopes dreams and desires for one another and for your journey of a committed life partnership or married life together.

They are personal and sincere; can be romantic and are said by one person to another. Rings are often given as wedding gifts by the couple to each other or by partners in a commitment ceremony.

They are personal and sincere; can be romantic and are said by one person to another. Rings are often given as wedding gifts by the couple to each other or by partners in a commitment ceremony.

Personal and ring vows are often the part of a ceremony we remember most about a marriage, renewal or reaffirmation of vows, commitment or gay wedding ceremony. And like personal vows they are emotionally and spiritually binding.

Are you writing your own ring vows.......looking for inspiration?

Ring vows can be traditional or non-traditional vows. They can be a blend of both. They can be simple, meaningful vows or even a little practical. For example - "..........not to be worn at work!"

Are yours to be marriage ring vows, commitment or gay wedding vows? Are you renewing or reaffirming your wedding vows and are looking for inspiration for your ring vows?

If you are writing your personal vows and ring vows, need inspiration, looking for something a little bit different or even traditional ring vows - this collection of examples, many of them original will be invaluable to you.

Personal vows and ring vows are love made tangible.

They both reach and speak from the heart.

Your ring vows accompany the love you intend to sustain, of promises you intend to keep. As you speak these words, you are making yourself accountable through intention to yourself and your partner or spouse, to live, love and behave in a certain way for a specified time.

Like personal vows, ring vows can and should also be meaningful, should reflect your beliefs and promises to one another.

Who says the ring vows?

Vows can be spoken by the couple themselves or spoken by the celebrant or officiant and simply acknowledged by the couple.

If ring vows are personalized, they are almost always read or recited by the couple.

At the appropriate time in the ceremony, named the Ring Ceremony, it is usual for the couple to be standing facing one another holding hands. The ring vows are said as ring/s are placed on the finger.

"The Ring Ceremony" within your marriage or commitment ceremony can also be accompanied by Ring Rituals, for example, Ring Warming and Blessing Ceremony or Rings on a Ribbon.

Ring Vows need not be the same.

Indeed, personalized vows written by the bride and groom or gay partners are often different.

Simply copy and paste.........

From the 50 ring vows in the e-book, simply copy and paste into your ceremony, complete ring vows or any ideas or themes you really like and reflect you both. The ring vows may be adapted or used just as they are.

Add your own words too..........here is a tip!

Because we are unique individuals you may add your own very personal promises as well. Only you know what is important to yourselves and to each other. To get those special meaningful words you'd love to have into your ring vows, pretend you are having an intimate conversation with your partner about giving rings to each other, what would you be saying?

This is your one chance to declare your solemn intentions to the one person in the world who matters most to you. Along with your personal vows, make your ring vows really, really special...you will both remember them forever.

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A sneak peek at some of the ring vows!..........

“........the act of giving and receiving of rings reminds us that love itself is an act of giving and receiving, the utmost that life has to offer. “

“Your rings represent an inward belief and trust in togetherness and an outward sign of commitment, signifying to all, the bond of marriage the ...........”.

“..........I offer you an open hand and an open heart and as a symbol of this I give you this ring promising to love and respect you in every way, to be honest and faithful to you in mind, body and spirit for .............”

“............we will now participate in the ancient Celtic tradition of blessing and warming of the wedding rings. After holding the rings momentarily, will you please pass them to the next person.”

“Like the ebb and flow of the ocean, a ring symbolizes ............”.

“John, I give you this ring as a token of my love for you and our future together. This ring is forged with your past and worn in your present. It now symbolises your...........”.

“Mary, this ring I give you is the physical symbol of our commitment to be part of one life, a sign of my desire to be there for you continuously .............”

“...........this ring joins us forever. The diamond is a symbol of the pure and priceless gift of love we have for one another.”

“Each of the parents will make a short reading/blessing for us all to hear when the ring is in their hands........”

“together and continues to unite you both. And finally, the black diamond expresses the uniqueness and preciousness of your relationship..........”

“These rings are a very special pair that has been handmade with a lot of love by a loving friend. So as the ring comes your way, if you would hold it in your hand a moment and also hold in your mind a good thought or a blessing towards the marriage of........”

“These rings remind us, of, love, time, patience, loss and the careful work of beauty.......”

“I offer you this ring as a symbol of our never ending love, of our commitment to share our lives together. Let us always walk towards the light, until our days .............”

“This ring has been an important part of our journey. I give it to you as I gave you my heart – freely and unconditionally. Care for it and protect it through your life with me by your side always.”

“These wedding rings recognise and acknowledge the excitement and adventures of their journey together, one that will not always be smooth but will continue with shining strength through all .............”

“We ask that the rings are passed around in a silk bag for you each to hold momentarily, and while you do let there be an acknowledgement to the community, traditional owners of this land, history, family and ............. ........these rings will be exchanged by the couple in silent contemplation.”

“Buddhist inspired ring vows. ..........I give you this ring that you may place it on the finger of this woman/man in token of your marriage to her/him, and may its circle remind you both of those things that ..........”

“A circle is the symbol of the sun and the earth and the universe, of wholeness.......”

“............ your rings seal the vows you have made to one another. May you live together in peace, unity, love and happiness for the rest of their lives.”

I am ready to order....the "Ring Vows mini e-book!

~ A mini e-book for only $8.95 ~


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